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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - Bastila Shan Build

Half of the fun of Knights of the Old Republic is developing your party members in your own individual way, and I encourage you to do so. Nonetheless, I am providing development guides for every playable character as I have figured out ways to develop a very powerful party, and if you're the type of person, like me, who enjoys a Dungeons & Dragons/Wizards of the Coast -type battle system; then even if you don't follow the guides, they may hopefully at least provide interesting reading and food for thought...

Bastila is Level 3 when she first joins your party. You can't fully develop Bastila in your own way, as she is guaranteed to spend a significant amount of time not in your party. As such, I have used Level 12 when making my Bastila Build.


At Level 3, Bastila has the following Attributes:

At Level 12, I have given Bastila the following base Attributes:


At the stage when Bastila leaves your party, I have her with a Jedi Knight Robe (see full list of Armor here), and a Double-Bladed Lightsaber (list of Lightsabers here). I also equip a Verpine Cardio-Regulator (Belts here), a Verpine Headband (full list of Headgear here) and an Eriadu Strength Amplifier (Gloves here).

This isn't exactly amazing gear; but you can't really obtain a lot of the best stuff until after Bastila leaves your party...


At Level 3, Bastila has the following Feats:

At Level 12, I have Bastila with the following Feats:

Master Two-Weapon Fighting is essential for accuracy of attacks if you keep using Bastila's Double-Bladed Lightsaber.


At Level 3, Bastila has the following Skills:

Force Powers

At Level 3, Bastila has the following Force Powers:

I give Bastila the following Force Powers by Level 12:

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