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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - Carth Onassis Build

Half of the fun of Knights of the Old Republic is developing your party members in your own individual way, and I encourage you to do so. Nonetheless, I am providing development guides for every playable character as I have figured out ways to develop a very powerful party, and if you're the type of person, like me, who enjoys a Dungeons & Dragons type battle system; then even if you don't follow the guides, they may hopefully at least provide interesting reading and food for thought...

Carth starts at Level 4.


At Level 4, Carth has the following Attributes:

At Level 20, I have Carth with the following base Attributes:


At end-game, I give Carth the following equipment:

Environmental Bastion Armor (Fully Upgraded), Cardio Power System, Verpine Headband, Verpine Cardio-Regulator, Sith Assasin Pistol (Saul Karath's), Cassus Fett's Heavy Pistol (Fully Upgraded)

The Environmental Bastion Armor has a Max Dexterity Bonus of +3; as such, I don't bother giving Carth higher than 16 Dexterity, as 16 gets you a +3 bonus to Armor Class and Attack Rating with ranged weapons.

The Cardio Power System raises Carth's Constitution to 18, giving him a lot of hit points at Level 20.

I also give Carth the 2 best Blaster Pistols in the game, with Master Two-Weapon Fighting. This makes him really rather powerful.


At Level 4, Carth has the following Feats:

As a Soldier Class, Carth gets a very large number of Feats. Here are the Feats I give him:

Click here for lists of weapons in KOTOR, and here for lists of equipment in KOTOR.


At Level 4, Carth has the following Skills:

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