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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - Juhani Build

Half of the fun of Knights of the Old Republic is developing your party members in your own individual way, and I encourage you to do so. Nonetheless, I am providing development guides for every playable character as I have figured out ways to develop a very powerful party, and if you're the type of person, like me, who enjoys a Dungeons & Dragons/Wizards of the Coast -type battle system; then even if you don't follow the guides, they may hopefully at least provide interesting reading and food for thought...

Juhani is Level 6 when she joins your party.


At Level 6, Juhani has the following base Attributes:

At Level 20, I have Juhani with the following base Attributes:


At end-game, I give Juhani the following gear:

Combat Sensor (list of every Headgear here) - Eriadu Strength Amplifier (all Gloves here) - CNS Strength Enhancer (Belts list) - Qel-Droma Robes (Armor here) - Lightsaber (x2) (Lightsabers here)

The Combat Sensor raises Dexterity by +2, giving Juhani a total Dexterity of 18. The Eriadu Strength Amplifier and CNS Strength Enhancer raise Strength by +2 each, to a large total of 20. The Qel-Droma Robes raise Wisdom +2 to 14.

Click here for lists of weapons in KOTOR, and here for lists of equipment in KOTOR.


At Level 6, Juhani has the following Feats:

I take the following Feats by Level 20:

N.B. If you equip a Nextor crystal and an Opila crystal on the same Lightsaber, and the party member with that Lightsaber equipped also has the Critical Strike Feat (ideally Master Critical Strike), you get a compound effect from the various properties which is extremely powerful - basically a huge chance of inflicting a Critical Attack (which deals more damage than a "regular" Attack), which will also be a particularly high-powered Critical Attack.

This works because a Nextor crystal makes a Lightsaber "Keen" - i.e. that Lightsaber has a much higher chance of inflicting a Critical Attack. Using Master Critical Strike makes for an even higher chance of inflicting a Critical Attack, and then an Opila crystal causes the Critical Attacks to deal even more damage. I like to give Juhani Master Critical Strike, and equip 2 Lightsabers to her, each one with a Nextor and an Opila (as the game allows you to obtain 2 of each). Master Two-Weapon Fighting also gives synergy here. The results are devastating! (Lightsaber Crystals list here)


At Level 6, Juhani has the following Skills:

Force Powers

At Level 6, Juhani has the following Force Powers:

Finally, I take the following Force Powers:

Destroy Droid is extremely effective against Droids - even on Difficult mode it makes Droid opponents relatively easy to dispatch. Meanwhile Stasis Field can be handy on non-Droid opponents.

Force Immunity is handy when facing difficult Dark Jedi enemies, while Heal is obviously invaluable for restoring party members' HP. Heal will also remove Poison.

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