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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - General Guide


Selling and Buying Items

When you want to sell items, as far as possible, sell at the Yavin Space Station - Suvam Tan will pay more for your items than any other buyer in the game.

It should also be noted that Suvam will give you a discount on his goods if you beat him enough times at Pazaak - handy as he sells some of the best gear in the game.

Also remember - if you're selling upgradeable weapons or armor, remove any upgrade parts at a workbench before selling.

Pazaak Tips

Relative to Pazaak, although it is true that luck comes into the game to an extent; you can help tip the odds in your favor by buying up as many +/- Cards as possible. The exception is on Taris where the seller Uriah has an unlimited stock of +/-6 Cards - obviously you can't buy an infinite amount, but buy a few of them.

Once you have enough +/- Cards, you can completely fill your Deck with them; this guarantees that the 4 Cards, which are randomly selected for the game, will all be +/- Cards. +/- Cards have the massive advantage over simple + or - Cards that they give you 2 options each in terms of altering the in-game number total.

In general, lower numbers on the +/- Cards are more useful; hence why +/-1 Cards are generally more expensive than +/-2 Cards; which in turn are more expensive than +/-3 Cards, etc.

Other than that, simply play a lot of Pazaak and you should start to get a sense of the tactics; such as when to hold, when it's worth playing a Card, etc.


Nearly all of the equippable Shields in the game only have a finite number of uses, after which they are automatically discarded. As such generally I don't include Shields in my character build pages - just be aware it can make sense to use the Shields in tough battles.

Another handy tip - a Shield with 1/5 uses left will sell for the same amount as an equivalent Shield with 5/5 uses left. You can take advantage of this by draining a Shield to 1/5 uses left and then selling it - a very efficient way of playing.

Important Attributes to Understand

The Strength Attribute governs how much physical damage you can inflict with a melee (close range) weapon (e.g. a sword), as well as how likely you are to successfully hit an opponent with a melee weapon. Every 2 points to this Attribute over 10 points makes it more likely your close range attacks will land, and will also increase the amount of damage when an attack does land.

The Constitution Attribute governs your total number of Hit Points. Hit Points are a measure of how much damage you can take. More Constitution is very useful for any party member.

The Dexterity stat governs your AC (Armor Class). Higher AC makes it less likely an enemy will be able to land a hit on you. Generally the Armor a party member is wearing also affects Armor Class.. Dexterity also governs accuracy with ranged weapons - a higher Dexterity makes it more likely an Attack will land when using a ranged weapon. As such Dexterity is useful for ranged weapon specialists; generally for melee weapon party members however, I would give Constitution. There is always an element of chance with Armor Class as to whether the enemy's attack will land or not; on the other hand, Constitution and by extent Hit Points are not so dependent on chance.

Further to this, Strength is largely wasted on ranged weapon users, whereas melee weapon users benefit immensely from a higher Strength Atrribute.

What are Ranged Weapons & Melee Weapons?

A ranged weapon is any weapon that strikes from a distance, i.e. Blaster Pistols, Blaster Rifles & Heavy Weapons in KOTOR (in other games, weapons like bows and arrows or slingshots count as ranged weapons). Melee weapons are weapons that attack at close range - such as swords and Vibro-blades. For the most part in KOTOR, Lightsabers count as a melee weapon.

Having said that, having a Jedi take the Melee Weapon Focus or Melee Weapon Specialization Feats doesn't increase damage or accuracy with Lightsabers! You would have to use Lightsaber Focus and Lightsaber Specialization..

Skills, Grenades & Mines

I also, for the most part, don't include Skill development in my character builds. This is because I don't really consider there to be an optimum way to develop Skills. The exception is the main character, where I try and put every Skill Point into Persuade; the main character is the only party member who can take advantage of Persuade. Persuade is invaluable in convincing NPCs to give more Credits than otherwise...

I don't use Grenades at all. If any of my party members are playing with Melee Weapons, it is far too likely that Grenades will damage them because of the nature of Grenades..furthermore, Grenades tend to sell well, especially Thermal Detonators.

Any Mines I may salvage I also sell - again, you can get quite good money for them.