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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic - Lightsaber Crystals

Lightsaber Color Crystals

For a list of locations of Lightsaber Color Crystals, use GameBanshee's excellent guide.

Lightsaber Power Crystals

N.B. If you equip a Nextor and an Opila crystal on the same lightsaber, and the party member with that lightsaber equipped also has the Critical Strike feat (ideally Master Critical Strike), you get a compound effect from the various properties which is extremely powerful - basically a huge chance of inflicting a Critical attack which will also be a particularly high-powered Critical attack. I like to give Juhani Master Critical Strike, and equip 2 lightsabers to her, each one with a Nextor and an Opila (as the game allows you to obtain 2 of each). The results are devastating!

For a list of locations of Lightsaber Power Crystals and glitched items, use GameBanshee's excellent guide.

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